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Tax Resolution & Bankruptcy Services

Welcome to the Law Office of Leesa Webster. We specialize in tax debt resolution and bankruptcy filings. Whether you are considering options for your personal tax situation or business taxes, we can assist you with multiple tax agencies including the IRS, State of California, Franchise Tax Board, and the Board of Equalization.

Managing tax debt and considering bankruptcy can be one of the most stressful situations you will face in life. You will certainly have questions and you will likely need help. Before you make a snap decision, consider speaking to a professional attorney first.

Family Law Services

As a licensed Attorney at Law operating in the State of California, we can help you with multiple facets of family law. If you are consider filing for divorce (dissolution of marriage), call us today for a free consultation on the process and costs. We also offer complete services for child custody and visitation situations, child support, domestic abuse restraining orders, and spousal support.



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Areas of Expertise in our Legal Practice

Tax Resolution

At the Law Office of Leesa Webster, we have extensive experience in helping taxpayers through their Taxing Authority nightmares. Any government taxing issue can be a scary proposition. Additionally, they don't go away. These taxing authorities are far-reaching and can be very aggressive. When you retain our services, we put ourselves between you and the Government and immediately provide peace of mind that your tax problems are being solved.



Small business owners have their hands full with day to day operations, and the last thing they want to waste time on is complicated tax issues. We will help your small business too. You can rely on our experience with Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreements, and 940/941 compliance to keep your business running smoothly.


An Offer in Compromise (OIC) may be your best option if you cannot pay your full tax liability, or if paying the full amount would cause you financial hardship. If a qualified taxpayer meets the eligibility requirements for the OIC Program, they can submit an offer to the IRS and request to settle their tax debt for less than the total amount due.


If you owe more taxes than you can afford to pay right now, the IRS offers payment arrangement options. However, it is important to understand the IRS will charge interest and penalties for late tax payments. If you owe back taxes and you cannot find another solution, you may be able to apply for an ‘Installment Agreement’ with the IRS.


If you are struggling financially and looking to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer, you have come to the perfect place. Mounting debts, imminent foreclosure, and harassing phone calls from creditors are a nightmare. You need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in your corner. The Law Office of Leesa Webster is always happy to discuss your financial situation and determine the best defense strategy moving forward.



Chapter 7 helps those of modest means who have no money left to repay debts after paying their monthly living expenses. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not enable you to restructure secured debt, catch up on past due payments or taxes, however, there is no repayment plan and your personal liability on most credit card debt is discharged.


Dealing with credit card debt and creditor harassment is stressful and disturbing. Constant calls, threats, and other collection efforts can drive you crazy. Filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can make it all stop. Filing for bankruptcy initiates an immediate line of defense that prohibits creditors from trying to collect on your debt in any way.


Chapter 13 is an option for people to block foreclosures and vehicle repossessions, stop wage garnishments and IRS levies, and reduce or restructure their debts. Under this bill consolidation approach, debts are repaid over three to five years, enabling you to catch up on house payments, child support, taxes, and other debts.

Family Law

Family is the most important aspect of one's life. The Law Office of Leesa Webster offers a variety of family law services to protect and strengthen your family life. Through compassionate and vigorous representation, we can help through the challenges presented in cases of marriage dissolution, child custody and visitation, child support, and domestic violence restraining orders. We are also highly experienced in adoption and legal guardianship processes.



Unfortunately, marriages sometimes end in separation or divorce and the lasting consequences can be a burden for the entire family. Depending on how the proceedings are handled, you need an attorney who is flexible and can either work towards a peaceful resolution or vigorously defend your rights in court.


Adoption is one of the less adversarial areas of family law practice, but it involves a number of legal and bureaucratic complexities. We can assist with step parent adoptions as well as the severance of rights of an uninvolved, uninterested parent. We prepare the documentation, explain the issues, and represent you at the adoption hearings.


There are a number of factors in the court’s calculation of child support payments including each parent's income, spousal maintenance, parenting time arrangements, and any health, medical, or educational expenses of the child. We can guide you through the process of initiating, enforcing, modifying, or challenging a child support order.


Online Reviews for Law Office of Leesa Webster


“Leesa is a great attorney. She represented me in a CFS case and never made me feel judged. She took time to look into my case and represented me professionally and effectively. My child is placed back home with me and I am forever grateful for her. I definitely recommend her as an attorney.”

~ Danielle G. (Redding, CA)

“Leesa helped me so much with some legal issues. I am so grateful that I found her. She is the best. You will not be disappointed with her services.”

~ Jessica M. (Redding, CA)

”Leesa is an extremely compassionate person who is dedicated to the best outcome for her clients. She has proven to be quite dependable and a strategic fighter. Both my children & I have found her to be very easy to talk to because she listens. She genuinely cares about us and about fighting aggressively yet professionally for an optimal outcome.”

~ Sonja M. (Redding, CA)

”Leesa is great at what she does! She is kind and full of energy. I highly recommend her. Thank you!”

~ Danielle T. (Redding, CA)



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